Refrigerator Repair in Rego Park, Queens, New York

Between keeping your food at the proper temperature, producing ice, and dispensing water, having something malfunction with your refrigerator is never good. It’s important to call a reliable appliance repair company when something goes wrong with your fridge so you're not at risk of losing all your food and perishables. JC Major Appliance LLC has been providing refrigerator repair services in Rego Park, Queens, New York for over 7 years. Local homeowners just like you turn to our expertise when their refrigerator fails. Call today for fast service!


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Refrigerator Repair in Rego Park, Queens, New York by JC Major Appliance LLCWhy Has My Refrigerator in Rego Park, Queens Stopped Working?

The four main components to a properly functioning refrigerator are the evaporator, the compressor, the condenser, and the receiver. When one is faulty or stops working, they are no longer working in harmony to properly preserve your food. When the temperature of your Rego Park, Queens refrigerator starts rising above the 37 – 41 degrees Fahrenheit, your food and perishables are at risk. So what is causing your Rego Park, Queens refrigerator to stop working?

Common Refrigerator Repairs in Rego Park, Queens Include:

  • The fridge is not cooling
  • The fridge is not maintaining the proper temperature
  • The fridge is cooling beyond the set temperature
  • The door latch is not working
  • The door seal is broken
  • The fridge is not dispensing water or ice
  • The fridge is constantly running
  • The fridge is making loud noises / buzzing
  • There's water leaking from inside or around the fridge
  • No power at all


Turn to Rego Park, Queens's Refrigerator Repair Experts: JC Major Appliance LLC

Whether you notice your Rego Park, Queens refrigerator is leaking or the temperature inside your fridge seems to be rising, JC Major Appliance LLC is the best Rego Park, Queens refrigerator repair service for your exact needs. Being in the refrigerator repair business since 2017, JC Major Appliance LLC's experienced Rego Park, Queens appliance repair techs will properly diagnose the problem (or problems) you have experience with your fridge and provide you with effective repair services. We supply reliable, quality refrigerator parts and service major brands to ensure we're able to help get your fridge working again.

We understand how stressful it can be when your Rego Park, Queens refrigerator stops functioning properly, and JC Major Appliance LLC is here to help. Call (347) 305-4308, we will get your refrigerator in Rego Park, Queens fixed and back in working order ASAP.

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  • 5★★★★★ - "Jonathan identified the problems with my refrigerator super quickly without rushing and fixed my fridge with ease. While fixing the issues he explained why it wasn’t working. I really enjoyed how he broke everything down so I could prevent these issues in the future. 100/10 would recommend him!!! Thank you so much. I also wanted to add that he is super punctual and respectful!"

    in Brooklyn, NY

  • 5★★★★★ - "Our technician Jonathan was excellent!! He was Super informative and answered all our questions in terms anyone can understand. Left our fridge clean and was very polite. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!"

    , Refrigerator Repair in New Rochelle, NY

  • 5★★★★★ - "They were very helpful and kind! My fridge works amazing now !"

    , Refrigerator Repair in Cypress Hills, NY

  • 5★★★★★ - "JC was the first company available to come out to check my refrigerator that wasn’t working. Jonathan came by checked everything, gave honest advice, and was more than willing to explain and answer questions. Turned out to be a door that wasn’t closing properly, but with his help, it was resolved in one visit."

  • 5★★★★★ - "Jonathan came out and fixed my refrigerator he answered all my questions and I will use them in the future"

    , Refrigerator Repair in Glendale, NY

  • 5★★★★★ - "Jonathan was great and very friendly. He was very professional and fixed our problem ASAP!"

    , Refrigerator Repair in Glendale, NY

  • 5★★★★★ - "Best service ever, my refrigerator broke I was able to get an appointment the same day. The young man came and fixed it right away, and the price was very reasonable for the work he did. I definitely recommend them for any appliance repair."

    , Refrigerator Repair in Midtown, NY

  • 5★★★★★ - "My refrigerator was not cooling and the Technician came fast and fixed it and i haven't had any problems since. Thank u so much. I will definitely use this company again."

    , Refrigerator Repair in Middle Village, NY

  • 5★★★★★ - "Jonathan came and gave us a diagnostic for our refrigerator. He was professional and very informative."

    , Refrigerator Repair in Lincoln Square, NY

  • 5★★★★★ - "My dryer was the issue. The technician assessed the problem very quickly, the part was ordered and now the machine is working! He explained the problem very quickly and gave us pointers for future care. Very pleased!"

  • 5★★★★★ - "Jonathan was my repair tech and was extremely helpful and explained in great detail what parts needed to be replaced. I highly recommend this company, he was excellent and very professional. If you need your big appliance fixed, just call them. I'm glad I did."

  • 5★★★★★ - "Wonderful, Jonathan fixed my problem and showed me JC Major Appliance cares about its clients; he went above and beyond to help me."

    in Brooklyn, NY

  • 5★★★★★ - "Called for an appointment yesterday and got it today. Saturday Jonathan showed up and was very personable, friendly, and knowledgeable, and diagnosed the problem quickly. Wasn't pressed, he had the part already in his truck and I was not waiting a couple of days to have it repaired. He was able to do it in about 30 minutes and gave me expert advice on how to maintain and clean my stove. Highly recommend him to everybody I know, if you need any kind of appliance repair, call them - you will not be sorry."

    in Bayside, NY

  • 5★★★★★ - "Jonathan was very professional and explained everything to us. He had to order the part and will return once the part comes. He is truly an asset to the company and we are looking forward to his return to complete the repair God Bless him and your company, we will recommend your company to our neighbors and look forward to doing business with you in the future, thank you."

    in Bronx, NY

  • 5★★★★★ - "Polite tech clean and and job well done and also have me a discount ask for Jonathan"

    , Appliance Repair in Manhasset, NY

  • 5★★★★★ - "Johnathan was AMAZING! Definitely who you want to call when you have appliance issue!!!"

    , Appliance Repair in Teaneck, NJ

  • 5★★★★★ - "Jonathan came to my house was very honest with me and let me know the pros and con of fixxing my washer i moved foward with the repair and im very happy if you need anything fix call jc major appliance"

    , Washer Repair in Yonkers, NY

  • 5★★★★★ - "I called for my oven and they came quickly, within 3 days. He wS very professional and very nice!!! He also fixed my freezer while he was there explaining everything he did while he did it. I'm a very happy customer and will definitely use again if need be. Thanks!!!"

    , Freezer Repair in East Rockaway, NY

  • 5★★★★★ - "Jonathan was wonderful to work with, identified the problem quickly, and fixed it without issue. Will definitely be back!"

    , Oven and Range Repair in Kensington, NY

  • 5★★★★★ - "The technician Jonathan was very good he answered all my questions and I was informed of everything that was happening he also gave me a discount. I highly recommend this company to anyone who wants the appliance repaired right"

    , Appliance Repair in Ridgewood, NY

  • 5★★★★★ - "Jonathan repaired my dryer John was awesome he gave us a good discount everything works perfect totally satisfied"

    , Dryer Repair in Glendale, NY

  • 5★★★★★ - "Jonathan came to my house and he was very nice answered all my question and i fell secured in the job he did and thats what matters most highly recommend this company"

    , Appliance Repair in Middle Village, NY

  • 5★★★★★ - "My washing machine and dryer were not working at all. Jonathan instantly identified the problem for both. He came back the following day with the parts needed and fixed them to perfection. Excellent service, and knowledgeable staff! Definitely will recommend their services!"

    in University Heights, NY

  • 5★★★★★ - "Jonathan came to my house and fixed my freezer and he was nice enoughe to give us a discount. Thanks JC MajorAppliance!"

    , Freezer Repair in Kensington, NY

  • 5★★★★★ - "Very great service and the technician Jonathan was very knowledgeable and very great at explaining the details of the issue with my washer"

    , Washer Repair in Cypress Hills, NY

  • 5★★★★★ - "Very good service and John was very good service very good customer service."

    , Dishwasher Repair in Ridgewood, NY

  • 5★★★★★ - "Technician did a good job. He got the part and return the said day and completed the job."

    , Appliance Repair in Middle Village, NY

  • 5★★★★★ - "I had good experience with JC repair . They are good go . They are reliable."

    , Appliance Repair in Kensington, NY

  • 5★★★★★ - "On time, professional, solve the problem."

    , Appliance Repair in Cypress Hills, NY

  • 5★★★★★ - "Jonathan came to my house today to do a diagnostic test on my washing machine which he replaced a part he is a very nice man very professional very courtesy and he did a wonderful job"

    , Washer Repair in Ridgewood, NY

  • 5★★★★★ - "Super professional.. reliable… always answers phone… came in clutch for me after a phony appliance repair called city wide appliance scammed me out of a deposit and never came back.. Jonathan from j.c major appliance came to my home and made my problems go away.. diagnosed my washing machine and found the problem immediately!! I highly recommend this company for all your appliance repair needs!!"

    , Washer Repair in Glendale, NY

  • 5★★★★★ - "I had to replace a belt for the dryer. Jonathan, the service provider, was very thorough and professional. I would recommend this company to anyone who needs any appliance repaired."

    , Dryer Repair in Middle Village, NY

  • 5★★★★★ - "Jonathan was great and very helpful he answered ever question I had and he gave us a great price I will only use this company now if any one has any problems call them Without hesitation"

    , Washer Repair in Cypress Hills, NY

  • 5★★★★★ - "I had refrigerator problems and an emergency with my tenants refrigerator. Jonathan arrived promptly. He was expert in his repairs and explanations for everything he did and even showed us how to properly maintain the refrigerator- something no one else ever did. About 10 days later, I needed my refrigerator serviced. I requested Jonathan again because of his expert knowledge, experience and became I was thoroughly impressed and satisfied with him. He’s also one of the nicest and most honorable people I’ve ever met. I can’t praise him enough for all he did. Two for two and counting! I highly and enthusiastically recommend JC Major Appliance Repair to one and all"

    , Freezer Repair in Ridgewood, NY

  • 5★★★★★ - "Great quick service. Highly recommend."

    , Appliance Repair in Middle Village, NY

  • 5★★★★★ - "Jonathathan proved to be efficient, friendly,helpful,kind and still maintained professional expertise.
    I highly recommend him.

    , Appliance Repair in Manhattan, NY

  • 5★★★★★ - "The tech guy Jonathan itsavreat guy he fixed my o en and explained how to maintain the oven for it to last long he took his time and answer all my questions if anyone has any problems call this company there awesome"

    , Oven and Range Repair in New York, NY

  • 5★★★★★ - "I had to replace a belt for a dryer. The service was very thorough and professional. I am pleased with the results."

  • 5★★★★★ - "I was having trouble with my washing machine, it was not draining properly. The technician was very professional and the price was fair. I am very pleased and I would recommend this company very highly."

    , Washer Repair in Middle Village, NY

  • 5★★★★★ - "Total life savor! My entire stove, both the range and the oven completely stopped working the day before I was set to host a small birthday dinner gathering. I didn't think I'd be able to get someone out fast enough to assess, let alone fix it, before I was set to start cooking. I explained the situation to the receptionist; she was so nice and reassuring and scheduled a technician to come out on a last minute, emergency job. The tech came, wore a mask the entire time and had my stove FIXED by the time he left that evening. Everyone I spoke to was polite, took my issue seriously and worked diligently to get my stove back in working action on a short timeframe. Because of them, my dinner gathering went off without a hitch! Can not recommend them enough!"

    , Oven and Range Repair in Queens, NY

  • 5★★★★★ - "Technician can to my house very fast was also very helpful and got me a discount fix my oven and I have no problem. I recommend highly company ."

    , Appliance Repair in Middle Village, NY

  • 5★★★★★ - "Im very happy with the work that was done on my dishwasher. They came fast and very professional. Dont hesitate to use this company."

    , Dishwasher Repair in Middle Village, NY

  • 5★★★★★ - "My washer wasn’t draining and Technician came out the same day and fixed it thank you guys 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼"

    , Washer Repair in Manhattan, NY

  • 5★★★★★ - "The repairman Johnathan, was prompt and did excellent service. He went above and beyond. My range top caught fire and he immediately handled assessed the electrical situation in the most professional way. He was a God send. Would definitely use JC Major appliance repair again and recommend him to my friends and neighbors."

    , Electrical Services in Middle Village, NY

  • 5★★★★★ - "Highly recommend JC Major Appliance Repair. Super reliable and professional. Spoke to the technician and he was able to diagnose the problem with the leaky dishwasher. That also wasn’t cleaning the dishes properly. I called on a Thursday and got a 8-10am time slot on Friday morning. The company called to confirm my appointment and technician was punctual. He detected the problem and estimated it would take and hour to fix. He gave me the quote and explained the common problem and the solution. He then replaced the part and cleaned up after the job was done. My dishwasher was as good as new! He finished in less than an hour and double checked his work in front of me. Nothing was rushed and he answered all of my questions. I also felt very safe since I’m a woman and was home alone. I already recommended him to friends and family."

    , Appliance Repair in Queens, NY

  • 5★★★★★ - "Jonathan the repairman came to my home to repair my washing machine. He was extremely professional, honest, and efficient. I would definitely recommend JC Major Appliance Repair."

    , Washer Repair in Bronx, NY

  • 5★★★★★ - "Exceptional service. Promt, fast and very professional. Johnathan was great and my oven is back on just in time for the holidays."

    , Oven and Range Repair in Midtown East, NY

  • 5★★★★★ - "JC Repair was professional and courteous and on time. Got the job done quickly and we have our dryer back, thank you to Jonathan an A-1 tech. I would highly recommend."

    , Dryer Repair in Middle Village, NY

  • 5★★★★★ - "They gave us quick and easy service for our stove and answered all of our questions. They saved Thanksgiving!"

    , Oven and Range Repair in Middle Village, NY

  • 5★★★★★ - "Great experience the best prompt fixed it right away Jonathan was excellent!!!! Would defined call again!!!"

    , Freezer Repair in Manhattan, NY

  • 5★★★★★ - "The repair man was fast and got to the root of the problem in less then 10 minutes. He was professional and friendly. Thanks so much I give them 10 🌟 stars!"

    , Dryer Repair in Lower Manhattan, NY

  • 5★★★★★ - "Very informative and respectful quality service"

    , Appliance Repair in Meatpacking District, NY

  • 5★★★★★ - "The repair guy was very nice he worked fast, and he got me a discount i will only be using this company from now on, there great."

    , Appliance Repair in Korea Town, NY

  • 5★★★★★ - "The company was great fast and gave me a great deal if you have any issue give them a call there great"

    , Appliance Repair in Manhattan, NY

  • 5★★★★★ - "Jonathan is the man. Very professional. Knows exactly what hes doing. He was able to diagnose and explain very well the problem. Resolved right away and didnt wait long for the part to arrive. Will highly recommend this company And Erin very courteous and cordial on the phone"

    , Appliance Repair in Middle Village, NY

  • 5★★★★★ - "I would definitely recommend JC Major Appliance repair to my friends and family they are very reliable and extremely professional."

    , Appliance Repair in Queens, NY

  • 5★★★★★ - "Called JC Major repair mid-morning and they had someone come same day only a few hours later! The technician was prepared with parts and was able to repair right on the spot! He was extremely clear with everything he was doing and made sure I understood the process and repairs being done! Highly recommend their services."

    , Appliance Repair in Brooklyn, NY

  • 5★★★★★ - "The tech was great fast and he did a great job for a low price if anyone needs their appliances fix use these guys 100% recommendations"

    Julio R., Appliance Repair in Middle Village, NY

  • 5★★★★★ - "The technician was Awesome, Great work."

    in Bronx, NY

  • 5★★★★★ - "I loved everything about this company !!! The receptionist who answered the phone was very nice and helpful. The technician was very polite and professional, he explained everything that he was doing the whole time and did not charge me an unfair price and he finished in a timely fashion. I would highly recommend this company to anyone who needs an appliance fixed."

    in Ridgewood, NY

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